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Sliding roof 

Facade Systems

Sliding roof 
Sliding roof 
Sliding roof 
Sliding roof 
Sliding roof 
Sliding roof 

» Sliding and automatic adjustable roof system

» Combination of styles, robustness, convenience and great performance

» Maximum opening possibility of 66% of the surface area. This system provides good ventilation and allows for a total entry of light from above

It has all types of complementary profiles to facilitate water collection and drainage that guarantee total watertightness
» Incline / Slope
Profiles prepared for an inclination of 8,5° (15%)

» Maximum roof distance
4.800 mm

» Minimum roof distance
3.100 mm

» Roof's width
Unlimited when joining modules

» Glazing possibilities
25 mm cellular polycarbonate
24 mm sandwich panel
24 mm glass. (4 tempered/ 12 /4+4)

» Opening possibilities
Sliding: 2 sashes and 1 fixed module and multiple falls

» Sections
Frame – 133 mm / Sash – 28 mm

» Profile thickness
Sashes 1,5 mm

» Maximum dimensions
Polycarbonate and sandwich panel: 
Width (L) = 2.300 mm
Width (L)= 1.200 mm
Height(H) = 1.600 mm

» Maximum weight
75 Kg

» Finishes
Color powder coating (RAL, mottled and rough)
Wood effect powder coating
Anti bacterial paint
Roof system watertightness test
Class APT

During the 6 hr. test, end of test and 24 hrs. following the same, 
no drips or humidity were detected in the enclosed area.
Test reference: 4300 x 41600 mm in 3 adjustable rows, 9 sashes 
and 4/12/4+4 glass 


Sliding roof 
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