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A 84 Hidden sash Passivhaus

Cortizo PVC

A 84 Hidden sash Passivhaus
A 84 Hidden sash Passivhaus
A 84 Hidden sash Passivhaus
A 84 Hidden sash Passivhaus
A 84 Hidden sash Passivhaus
A 84 Hidden sash Passivhaus
A 84 Hidden sash Passivhaus
A 84 Hidden sash Passivhaus
» Minimalism in PVC, sideline of 90 mm.

» Hinged system of 84 mm depth and profile with 6 inside chambers and insulating foams inside the frame and sash that allow to reach the best thermal performance in the market.

»  Available in two versions, one of them certified by the renowned German Passivhaus Insitut. The version A84 Hidden sash Passivhaus, with a Uw from just 0,71 W/m²K, was developed for the category warm-temperate (warm and mild weather), becoming an ideal solution for low energy consumption buildings in most of the European zones. The glasses act as structural part of the window, being fixed through a special adhesive tape. This way it can be improved the U value maintaining the rigidity of the window.
» Maximum glazing thickness
A 84 Hidden sash Passivhaus - 46,5 mm

» Opening possibilities

Inwards: Side hung, turn&tilt, tilt&slide and bottom hung.

» Sections
Frame – 84 mm
Sash – 84 mm

» Maximum dimensions/sash

Width (L) = 400-1400 mm
Height (H) = 450-2500 mm

» Maximum weight/sash

130 Kg Window / Balcony

Please consult regarding maximum 
weight and dimensions according to types.

Wood effect
» Transmittance

A84 Passivhaus HI
Uw from 0,71 (W/m²K)
Please consult typology, dimensions and glazing

acoustic insulation
Rw=46 dB

» Air permeability
(EN 12207) CLASS 4

» Water tightness
(EN 12208) CLASS E2100

» Wind resistance
(EN 12210) CLASS C5
Reference test 1,23 x 1,48 m, 2 Sashes.

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