TSAC Assistant Network

TSAC Assistant Network

Architecture Technical Assistance

The customized technical assistance to the professionals of the architecture sector, in its own geographic working zone, is a differential fact of the spirit of CORTIZO. We have a Network of 22 Departments of Architecture and Engineering of Proximity located strategically in diverse points of the European continent.

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 TSAC Network

» Design and assesment of customized profiles for each project.

» Resolution of details and meeting on construction site

» Finite Element Method for Structural Computation

» Documents of compliance with regulations and standards

» Official tests and certifications from the CORTIZO Technology Center


In this way, CORTIZO optimizes the adequacy and integration of the wide range of our products in the different architectural projects that are executed.

This department is led by CORTIZO Aluminum System Technicians (TSAC), engineers and architects with extensive experience and specific training in aluminum building systems, responsible for providing all the necessary technical support and information to our clients.

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