All of the CORTIZO's systems have passed a series of strict tests in our Mechanichal test benches. Thousands of opening-closing cycles are carried out in order to guarantee the long lasting durability of the systems, as well as the proper working of the hardware systems over time.
In addition, the quality standards of Qualicoat (powder coating), Qualideco (wood imitation powder coating) and EwaaEuras (Anodizing) guarantee the stability and resistance of the color even in the most aggressive environments.


Maintenance recommendations:


Cleaning and maintenance

Elements  you must NEVER use

» Sharp tools such as knives, trowels, etc.

» Steel wool or abrasive sponges.

» Aggressive bath cleaners or solutions for powder coating, can cause permanent damage.

Elements you CAN use

» Warm water (with 2% of mild soap).

» Soft sponges, cleaning cloth, absorbent paper, steam cleaners.

» Vacuum cleaner (to vacuum the dust between the gasket and the outer wall of the frame).


Cleaning of interior areas

Use some vacuum, to clean the gaskets and chamber between the sash and the frame to remove the dust and foreign bodies which have accumulated during the construction phase. A brush or a paintbrush may also be used.

Lubricate the friction elements such as hinges, handles, lock and any other moving mechanism with lubricant. It is not necessary in the return angles since these are permanently greased.

This needs to be repeated every six months after the first application, for perfect maintenance. 


Cleaning frames and glass

Use a wet sponge (soft) with warm water and soap, rub the frames smoothly (inner and outer side). Afterwards, apply a cleaning cloth, to remove the remains of soap and water. Finally, apply a dry cloth (or kitchen paper), to complete the cleaning and drying.

Steam cleaning can be applied instead of warm water with soap. 

This operation should be repeated monthly with each window, for perfect maintenance




» In areas close to highways, coast line or industrial areas, the maintenance of the windows should be increased. 

» Before beginning any construction work close to the window, this should be protected from dirt which can be generated from the site. Use as much plastics and paper tape as needed. 

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