Powder Coating

The powder coating process consists of the covering of the aluminium with a layer of organic coatings. The painting of aluminium with powder paint is made through a electrostatic deposition and its subsequent polymerisation in an oven at a temperatures that reaches up to 200ºC. This process converts it in to a highly resistant surface, resistant to severe atmospheric conditions.

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With this process, an artificial increase of up to a thousandtimes the thickness of the natural aluminium oxide coating is achieved, obtaining great protection against corrosion and abrasion. Aluminum own properties regarding resistance and durability are increased considerably using this surface treatment, converting it in, this way, in an ideal material for using in sea zones and places under the influence of hard climatic conditions.

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PVC windows are available, in addition to white, in a wide range of wood imitation textures and colors, in continuous development.

The application of wood and color textures is done by coating the base profile with a heat-sealable paper of high resistance to solar radiation, thus ensuring a perfect and long-lasting finish.

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