Protection against atmospheric agents

Protection against atmospheric agents

Atmospheric agents 

All enclosures are tested on a test bench to determine their protection against atmospheric agents.


Air permeability

Air permeability is the property of a closed window to let the air through when it is subjected to differential pressure.
The test consists of measuring the air flow (m3/h) passing through the sample because of the test pressure.

- Test standard: EN 1026:2000

- Clasification: EN 12207:2000



Watertightness is defined as the ability of a closed window to oppose water seepage.
The test consists of the continuous spray of water while applying test pressure increments until the water penetrates the interior passing through the samples.

- Test standard: EN 1027:2000

- Clasification:  EN 12208:2000


Wind resistance

The test of wind resistance verifies that, under the effects of pressures and depressions (suction), the complete window has a minimum, allowable deformation, retains its properties and guarantees the safety of  the users.

The test consists in the application of positive and negative pressures to determine the relative frontal deformation and the deterioration resistance.

- Test standard: EN 12211:2000

- Clasification: EN 12210:2000

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