We provide all the information you need to analyze the most important parameters in the choice of your building systems.

Windows protect us from the cold, from the heat and also from the noise. They prevent the of air and water from coming into the rooms of our houses.
They bring luminosity and allow us to protect ourselves from possible intruders who want to access to our houses.

CORTIZO advises you to find the solution that best suits your needs.

¿How to improve the comfort of my home?

Aluminum and PVC
Energy efficiency
Achieve lower energy consumption
Protection against possible intruders
Acoustic insulation
Noise insulation
Atmospheric agents
Maximum insulation values
Natural light
Low aluminum exposed surface
Wide range of finishes
Maximum guarantee on our products
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The choice of material is the first parameter to take into account. As manufacturers of the two materials, we are able to provide objective information for you to make a thoughtful decision.


» Top quality and elegance

» Minimalist designs

» Large dimensions

» Unlimited range of finishes


» Good insulation

» Durability

» Easy maintenance

» Good quality/price ratio

Energy efficiency

Optimizing energy efficiency will allow you to save substantial money, in both heating and cooling you house, as the loss of thermal energy through the windows will be less.

What is transmittance?

It is the flow of thermal energy that crosses a window due to the temperature difference between the exterior and the interior. The lower transmittance value the better performance that the building system will have. 

CORTIZO has solutions from just 0,66 W/m²K.


» Thermal break system

» Tubular polyamides

» Polyolefin foam

» Glazing capacity


CORTIZO has developed advanced security systems that guarantee maximum security in your home.


» Anti-theft security fittings

» Insert key locks

» Insert multiple locking points

» Security level WK2 or RC2


Acoustic insulation

Sound insulation is a fundamental need, especially in urban environments.  CORTIZO has developed windows capable of attenuating up to 50 dB


» Type of opening:

Generally speaking, side hung windows are more watertight than the sliding ones, that's why they prevent the transmission of noise by filtration.

» The right glazing:

The glass is the element that influences the most the overall sound insulation of the system. 

It protects us from diffraction noise transmission. At higher mass, better performance.

» Window installation:

Sealing of profile joints. Proper gaskets set-up.

Atmospheric agents

All of our building sytems are tested on test benches, to determine their protection against atmospheric agents.


Air permeability

Air permeability is the property of a closed window to let the air through when it is subjected to differential pressure.

The test consists of measuring the air flow (m3/h) passing through the window/door due to the testing pressure.

- Test Standard: UNE-EN 1026:2000

- Clasification: UNE-EN 12207:2000



Watertightness is defined as the ability of a closed window to oppose water seepage.

The test consists in a continuous spray of water while applying test pressure increments, until the point where the water penetrates the interior passing through the window/door.

- Test Standard: UNE-EN 1027:2000

- Clasification: UNE-EN 12208:2000


Wind resistance

The test of wind resistance verifies that, under the effects of pressures and depressions (suction), the complete window has a minimum, allowable deformation, retains its properties and guarantees the safety of  the users.

The test consists in the application of positive and negative pressures to determine the relative frontal deformation and the deterioration resistance.

- Test Standard: UNE-EN 12211:2000

- Clasification: UNE-EN 12210:2000

Natural light

There are so many benefits of having natural light inside the rooms of our houses.

In order to have the largest glazed surface, our systems have been developed in order to minimize the outside seen surface, guaranteeing maximum luminosity.




Powder coating

Surface Treatment that covers the profile with a polyester and polyurethane powder, by means of electrostatic depositions and its subsequent polymerization that confers a high protection against the natural corrosion of aluminum.

» Bicolor systems

» Standard powder coating - RAL chart

» Textured powder coating

» Spotted powder coating

» Metal powder coating

» Wood Effect powder coating


Surface treatment capable of achieving a layer of aluminum oxide on the surface of the profile by means of an electrolytic process consisting of generating a continuous and alternating current flow through an acid-based electrolyte which will confer a very high protection against corrosion.

  • 13 colors
  • More than 110 finishes

Unlimited color range

Powder coating samples
Anodizing samples

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PVC windows are available, in addition to white, in a wide range of wood imitation textures and colors in continuous development.

The application of wood and color textures is done by coating the base profile with a heat-sealable paper of high resistance to solar radiation, thus ensuring a perfect and long-lasting finish.

Wrapping samples

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In addition, we meet the most demanding quality standards; Qualicoat (powder coating), Qualideco (wood imitation) and EwaaEuras (anodizing). They guarantee the stability and resistance of the colors even in the most aggressive environments.

The high durability combined with the energy efficiency of our window/door systems allows us to think about buying a window or door as an investment, not as an expense, as the savings in heating and air conditioning will pay off over time.

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Maintenance recommendations:


Cleaning of interior areas

Use some type of vacuum, to remove dust between the joints in the chamber between frame and blade. Some type of brush may also be useful.

Use some lubricant for the friction elements such as hinges, handles, locks and other mechanisms with lubricant. At return angles, it is not necessary, since they carry permanent grease.

It is advisable to repeat this operation every six months, once that is done the first time.

All CORTIZO windows offer great durability and energy efficiency ...


Cleaning of fences and glass

Soak a sponge (soft one), in warm soapy water, gently rub the fences (outer face and inner face) that make up the window and glass. Then wipe with an absorbent wipe to remove soap and water. Finally, wipe a dry cloth (or kitchen paper), to complete the cleaning and drying.

Warm water with soap can be replaced by cleaning steam.

It is advisable to repeat this operation monthly with each window.



- In areas near highways, sea areas or industrial areas, you should increase the maintenance of your windows.

- Before starting any construction work close to a window, you must protect it from dirt that the work may generate. Use ass much plastics and protective paper as needed.

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