Architectural aluminium systems

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The powder coating process consists of covering the aluminium with a layer of organic coatings.  The painting of aluminium with powder paint is made by way of electrostatic removal and its subsequent polymerisation in an oven at temperatures that reach up to 200ºC.  This process converts it in to a highly resistant surface resistant to severe atmospheric conditions.

The powder coating of the profiles is another of the aluminium surface treatments that, as well as protecting it even more from natural corrosion, allows it to attain an unlimited variety of colours with which it answers the needs of the architectural professionals.


Colour is fundamental when creating harmonious aesthetic assemblies for architectural projects.  In this sense, CORTIZO offers an extensive colour range that stretches from the classical finishes, gloss or matt, moving to special coatings with rough textures, imitation of noble materials such as timber (pine, oak, chestnut, teak, sapelly, cherry, walnut…) up to anti-bacterial finishings comprising of silver ions adhered to a completely inert and natural resin, that prevents the growth and migration of bacteria, virus, mold, fungus and septic matter.


The CORTIZO powder coating is guaranteed with the maximum European quality seals of approval such as QUALICOAT, SEA-SIDE & QUALIDECO, that recognise and guarantee the complete process. 



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