Architectural aluminium systems

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Sustainability constitutes a transverse commitment to all the CORTIZO activities and products.


CORTIZO counts on more than 2400 collection points, between its clients and delegations in all of Europe, to deposit the surplus aluminium profiles. A fleet of trucks denominated CORTIZO RECYCLING is responsible for the collection of deposited aluminium and transport it again to the production centres for it to be smelted down and in this way square the aluminium cycle  “cradle to cradle”, 100% reusable and recyclable..


Each CORTIZO production centre has its own purifying plant stations in order to ensure the integral treatment of the residual water generated in the anodizing and paint plants. The resulting sludge from this purifying plant process is transported to collection plants and the residuals are especially treated ensuring the minimization of environmental impact of all of the production processes. Following its purification, the residues are used in the refractory ceramic industry, cement blocks for construction, iron and steel products, mineral insulation, asphalt blacktop, etc…


Furthermore, CORTIZO has at its main headquarters, two cogeneration energy plants with thermal use of exhaust gases that ensure the continuity of supply for the production centres.