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New edition of the book of landmark buildings Contemporary Enclosures

Padrón, (A Coruña) 16 de marzo de 2017.

The 6th edition of the book of landmark buildings Contemporary Enclosures collects a selection of 49 projects in which CORTIZO’s architectural systems are present. This publication shows, in its more than 200 pages, projects from 19 different countries of Europe, America, Africa and Asia, a reflection of the new markets where the systems of the Spanish multinational are featured.


“Contemporary Enclosures makes a tour of the current architectural diversity in countries with very different constructive realities. It is a pride for us to be able to offer tailored solutions to the studies of architecture and engineering worldwide, regardless of its creative freedom, the final use of its project or the place where it is carried out” said Pablo Fernández manager of Architectural Support Department at Cortizo.


This book is published in a bilingual Spanish-English edition, and has an initial print run of 10000 copies. It can also be consulted online or it can be downloaded in pdf format in www.cortizo.com.